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Jhani Travette is an artist and public intellectual best known for his resonating voice and his knack for accurately predicting the future and deconstructing human behavior - hence his reputation as "the young seer." After a long hiatus, he has reemerged to help others navigate the turbulence of a rapidly changing world. Follow Jhani as he attends to society's spiritual or intellectual wellness, imparts insight, and offers foresight  - all while creating captivating music and provocative art.

"Too Wise Too Young takes an innovative approach to spirituality and contemporary life."

Joya Stevenson

"Jhani Travette chooses an unconventional approach for the book, as narrative-nonfiction is an underutilized genre, and the combination of story, politics, and spirituality is intriguing."

David Henderson

"Too Wise Too Young is such a nice read and super insightful! Everyone should read it."

D. Morton

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